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1874 cc trade dollar


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fake 1874 cc trade dollar from Ebay


I won this 1874 cc trade dollar on Ebay from a seller in China. I didn't expect it to be genuine (coming from China) but I was hopeful and curious.


-The coin weighs 24.42 grams and should weigh 27.22 grams.

-It is not magnetic, and has a nice ring when flipped, or balanced and struck, like a silver coin.

-I noticed that when I rub my finger from the center to the outer edge, the obverse is smooth, but the reverse has a slight burr on the edge around half the coin.

-I also noticed that the lines radiating around the edge of the coin on the reverse are different. At the top of the reverse the radiating lines are slightly over 1/2 a mm long. but at the bottom they are only dots (1/10 mm), and it is this lower half of the reverse that has a burr around the edge.

-It is strange how the letter "E" in "900 FINE" on the lower right side of the reverse is so worn but there is is burr on the edge of the coin next to the "E."


This coin is a fake.


The same seller has been selling other US coins. This Morgan was sold for 38.99. Here is an 1879.


I'll bet my fake 1874 cc trade dollar that all the US coins this seller has are fake.

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I did not look through all of them. What's funny is his five franc / un peso mule. France one side Santo Domingo on the other .


Probably all the coins including the Chinese coins would be fake.


Edit: just noticed another with the wrong reverse.

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