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  1. fake 1874 cc trade dollar from Ebay I won this 1874 cc trade dollar on Ebay from a seller in China. I didn't expect it to be genuine (coming from China) but I was hopeful and curious. -The coin weighs 24.42 grams and should weigh 27.22 grams. -It is not magnetic, and has a nice ring when flipped, or balanced and struck, like a silver coin. -I noticed that when I rub my finger from the center to the outer edge, the obverse is smooth, but the reverse has a slight burr on the edge around half the coin. -I also noticed that the lines radiating around the edge of the coin on the revers
  2. Hi Vfox and everyone. I've wondered this myself. The oldest coins that I have found with consecutive dates are ancient Judaean coins. The Roman Prefects Caponius (6-9 AD) and Ambibulus (9-12 AD) had dates on their coins. For example: LM-Theta= 9 AD LM=10 AD LMA= 11 AD Unfortunately the only example I have of one of these is hardly worth showing because it was struck so off center and worn that the date isn't even on the coin. James
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