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It has been a while since I posted any Vics, so here are 2 that have lying around for quite sometime. Nothing special but they are nice clean strikes, still in good condition.



BHM 1828 Br 25mm R. The description in Brown states 'seated right' everything else matches so I believe it is just a mistake as clearly she is seated left. If not this is an unlisted reverse. The clipped planchet is pre-strike not post-strike damage.

EDIT. Because I have since seen an example of BHM#1828 I now know that this is an unlisted reverse.




BHM 1858 Br 24mm C.


EDIT: Here are 2 more I just discovered that had gone missing.



BHM# 1853 R. AE. R. AE. silvered R. 29mm. Unlisted in Br.





Unlisted in BHM.

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Very interisting medals, were these holed by the minters or done after the fact ?




These type of small medal/medalet were often sold both with or without a hole. The holed ones were sometimes supplied with a ribbon that was threaded through the hole so it could be worn. As a general rule(in this era) if the hole is very neat it means that the medal was supplied holed, if the hole is crudely done it was done after market with a nail punched through so the owner could hang it from a ribbon or chain etc to wear.


Here is an unholed example of BHM 1853 the third medal down posted above AE. Silvered R. 29mm. The medals are the same size, 29mm, the images posted are not.




Here are two more holed medals from a previous post


BHM# #1862 RRR. Brass 24mm.



Unlisted, almost as struck. Brass 24mm.


The last one I promise



Queen Victoria Coronation Medal 1838. Unlisted in this size or metal. Same design as BHM#1861 RR. but that is brass 24mm. This is WM. 33mm so extremely rare.

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