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    • ccg's 1804 48 Stuivers, Ceylon
    • Art's 1899 3d

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ccg's 1804 48 Stuivers, Ceylon


In 1796, the British East India company took over formerly Dutch held coastal areas of Ceylon - the Dutch having been invaded by France, and their preference for their colonies to be surrendered to the British (allies) rather than to the French. To provide a circulating currency, various thick "dump" style silver coins were struck, all bearing an elephant design.


Art's 1899 3d


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Elephants are wonderful but I really like the 3d. It is so small and yet such great detail. Color and brilliance are wonderful. But enough commercial.

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The neat thing about the threepence is that it's one of the few predecimal coins to retain its legal tender status after decimalization, going from £3/240 to £3/100 - an increase in nominal value!


I did not know that. Thanks Kev. A very interesting and useful bit of information.

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