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New Canadian $50 and $100 notes unveiled


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I just read that the new Canadian $50 and $100 notes were unveiled today. The $100 note will start circulating in November 2011 and the $50 note will start circulating in March 2012. The $20, $10 and $5 notes will come out before the end of 2013.


Here's the article:



Pictures of the $50 and $100 notes:


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They look good to me from the pics.


The Montreal Gazette also identifies the new reverse designs:


Like existing $100 bills, the front of the new bank note features a portrait of Sir Robert Borden. A “window” to the right of that image will include a metallic holographic portrait of Borden. The bill also sports a smaller frosted maple leaf window. The reverse side of the bill celebrates Canada’s medical innovation and displays a drawing of a woman looking through a microscope.


The new $50 bill features a portrait of William Lyon Mackenzie King. The window to the right of his image has a holographic image of King. The reverse side of the bill celebrates Canada’s development of the North and features a drawing of the Canadian Coast Guard Ship Amundsen


$20: The Canadian National Vimy Memorial — evokes the contributions and sacrifices of Canadians in conflicts throughout our history. (Portrait: HM Queen Elizabeth II)


$10: The Canadian train — represents Canada’s great technical feat of linking its eastern and western frontiers by what was, at the time, the longest railway ever built. (Portrait: Sir John A. Macdonald)


$5: Canadarm2 and Dextre — symbolize Canada’s continuing contribution to the international space program through robotics innovation. (Portrait: Sir Wilfrid Laurier)

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