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Chinese coin haul


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Mad over the insane price surge with Chinese coins, I decided to hunt them down to see how difficult it can be. Turns out to be VERY difficult.






Couple of random coins included with the Chinese coins.


Collecting coins from each province can be quite challenging and I finally found most of them. I believe I have collected at least one coin from each province whether it's silver or copper. Only exception maybe the Yunnan-Szechuan province coin


Here is the page for it: http://www.gxseries.com/numis/china/china_province.htm


Hope you enjoy!

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I'll give that 1802 skilling a good home. :)


nice lot. I hear you about collecting all the provinces and such. I'm doing something similar with all the coin producers in what is now Germany and Italy. Some of those countries must have set up their mint in the palace basement they ere so small ;)

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Back when I was a teenager I used to go into Chinatown and occasionally find Chinese coins or charms for sale. Indeed I have some of the provincial silver coins - which I probably should go back and look at and see what they are worth now. My daughter has some coins from the Jiangxi province, all minted in Nanchang.

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