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T.G.Middlebrook Edinburgh Museum, Another Unlisted.

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Another unlisted T.G.Middlebrook Edinburgh Castle Museum Medal, issued for Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee 1897.




Note that the auk's egg cost 280 guineas



The Great Auk Egg XVI: April 13, 1897 bought by Mr. T. G. Middlebrook at an auction for 294 GBP(= 280 guineas)so this medal must have been engraved after that date. The Jubilee was on the 20th June the same year, so a rush job but then it might just have involved adding the price to the already finished die as he had owned(or still owned?) other auk's eggs. This is also by T.Pinches as are the other 3 I have LINK TO PREVIOUS POST


This obverse of the Queen, for the Diamond Jubilee, appears to be unique to this medal, it is one of the better medallic portraits for that event that I have seen, shame the engraver is not known.


EDIT; I believe it was Theophilus Pinches.


The medal has some very nice toning. 33mm bronze.

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Can I see some initials on Queen Victoria's collar?

Perhaps it just my eyesight though.


Yes there is TP, 2 of my others are signed T.Pinches London. Which I now believe is for Theophilus Pinches, not quite 100% sure of that yet, so I should edit the post to say that.


Your eyesight is fine & I will not charge you a fee for my optical assessment of you :bthumbsup:

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