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Unusual 1896 Coronation Token


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Hard to tell, but doubdt someone would waste their time cutting dies for NII Jetton. Probably a private issue, but I have not seen one like this either.


What do some of the regular private-issue tokens go for? I haven't purchased any tokens and was not sure what a fair price for NII tokens would be.

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That would be normal in a situation like this, because a person who "originally acquired it" is long dead :grin:


Very true :art: haha.


I just got an email back from the seller that he would accept $65 for the token... I know you said $100-150, but is that a realistic market price, considering the scratches on one side? It looks like a crack, the seller said it's surface scratches and isn't deep.


It sucks when there's nothing to compare this to, never seen this design before for the 1896 ones.

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