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Thank God I'm a Coin Collector!


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I fret and worry about many things. What to do about it? Collect coins and then you too can acquire the one and only answer to all that keeps you up at night.




For a very small investment, I was able to acquire a charm that, if carried in the packet




Bald Heads, Hard Work, Love (?????), Warts on the Nose, BICYCLE FACE, War Craze, Swelled Head, Insanity, Unhappy Marriages, Dark Brown Taste, Delirium Tremens, and Punctured Tires.


My wife noted that it prevents Love and Unhappy Marriages, what does that say about either? I've often questioned that Dark Brown Taste. But, I've been most worried about Bicycle Face. For those of you confused about this malady, it was feared humans would be permanently stricken with that face you make when trying to concentrate on staying upright on a bicycle. Societies were formed to protect us from what would befall us if that contraption, the bicycle, ever became popular. Given that most of us no longer worry about bicycle face, these charms must have worked--well--like a charm!

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Maybe its meant to say "Love warts on the nose"...


Great share!!



You love warts on the nose? Something is quite strange about that.



A really neat token and an interesting piece of social history.

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I can make that "Local" history. The head side is a Buffalo head because the 1901 Pan Am was held in Buffalo NY. Very kool.


A similar token with a Mule from the 1904 St. Louis expo has long avoided my luck on Ebay. I guess if I bid more, I would own one, but such is my pocketbook/luck. The Buffalo example could be better and one day I will upgrade. But, the main point is the inscription and this one reads just fine (and I still don't have warts on my nose).

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