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With $5 and $10K notes the price guide goes out the door, the prices are often not updated - but even the Krause catalogues are grossly out of date. That said, the seller wants to sell the note, but when you are buying high dollar items like this you expect to negotiate with the seller for some wiggle room on price. The $5K notes are in practice just a bit scarcer than the $10K notes and are priced accordingly. The Ted Binion display at the Horseshoe Casino had 100 of the $10K notes in it, which is the source of most of the notes on the market today. All of these notes are exponentially scarcer than the $500 or $1000 notes and are generally traded at fairly high prices.


This $5K note I would not pay that amount for, but would do a fair offer in the higher under $100K area, factoring the higher grade of the note, the scarcity of the denomination.


Here is a link to a well known seller of higher denomination notes that I would buy from, he keeps nice stuff and you can see where these fairly price at:


Jhon E. Cash's Cash Stash

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