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  1. Can anyone tell me if this is worth anything now adays. Its the Nelson Mandela Presidential Inauguration R5.00 in Proof. The reason is that I want to sell it
  2. Hello all, I am fairly new to collecting bank notes and would like to try my hand at becomming a dealer. I have a few notes, in my own collection that I can start offering for sale (on ebay etc) but the question I have is how do I go about getting notes at wholesale prices so that I can resell them on.. I understand that this may be a sensitive topic and that people would not want to share their secrets to the greater community online, so if anyone has any suggestions to offer and is willing to share, please contact me offline on tegwin_15 at yahoo.co.uk. Thanks Best Regardss teg
  3. Thanks mmarotta. I will take them to a coin dealer and see what they suggest !!! Then I will only have the opinoin of that person and not 105 as you say :-)
  4. Here is a better picture, hope you can see from that now. Its the 5C piece that this happening to .. Not sure what the South African 5c piece is made from these days
  5. Thanks to all for your help, they were just in their boxes as normal (wrapped in a cardboard sleeve) and left in the safe. It seems very strange that the coins have coroded so much over a few years.. is it a normal thing for "Proof " Coins to be in a box without any other kind of protection I have now kept them in a zip lock bag until I can get to the local coin shop in London and get them to have a look
  6. Hello, I usually collect Bank notes and so not posted on this forum I do have a few proof set of coins which I usually collect every few years.. I have some from South Africa nd the set I have is not in any plastic, its just directly in the case and the coins are exposed when opened .. The cases have been stored for a few years in a safe, and now they seem to have tarnished badly see pictures.. Does this do anyhting to the value ? is this something that is normal over time and is it safe to clean them .. (or should that be left to a professional) Thanks Chris
  7. The other software you can use is Compass Collectables..(www.compasscollectables.com). Which has many of the fields that you need. Its very good to list the notes and you can use scanned pictures of back and front
  8. Just looking on ebay and came across this note.. Seems a bit expensive.. Accoring to the paper money guide should be around $55k http://cgi.ebay.com/1934-5000-FIVE-THOUSAND-DOLLAR-BILL-5-000-PMG-AU-53-/130403110234?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item1e5ca18d5a
  9. Thanks.. I have actually managed to get the paper money book from Friedburg .. Had a look and the one I am interested in is F-2074L .. if anyone has this note please let me know what the cost will be . The note is not mine and I would liek one for my collection.
  10. I will go and download it now.. Is it updated in the last few days ?
  11. I did not buy much .. I got Bank of Scotland £5.00 and a Nicuragua 10 Polymer note.. I will post them later
  12. So today, the IBNS held the World paper Money Fair in London, Engalnd. I visited the show today and got some nice notes. As one of the first ones to enter the room, i was given the special De La Rue bank notes as a Souvenier. Its a great addition to the collection. Here is the note. [/img]
  13. Thanks yes I will post back here when I find out. I have posted this over in IBNS as well so maybe someone there will reply, or alternatively I am heading to the paper money fair in London on Friday so willl check then.
  14. Thanks for all your help this is a new scanner I am using its only a scanner no printer or anything attached. Its a basic USB Scanner. I can do without scanning those notes as I am suyre I csn find them somewhere else on the web.. The only reason I needed to scan them is that the software I use allows for pictures to be inserted and its a good way of looking at what is there without handling the notes themselves.
  15. I am new to collecting bank notes, and have been specialising in collecting English notes. I have noticed that on some of the Lowther notes they often refer to them as "cut Halo" and "Full Halo". Can anyone explain what this means, I have tried to look at the notes and they look the same to me so cant tell what exactly it means. Any help is appreciated.
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