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Hello From Scotland

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Hey everyone,


I'm Tzipi, 18 and I'm a college student from Scotland.


I started collecting coins a few years ago. My sister travels around the world as part of her job so I have current currencies from most of the countries she has been to, coins and bank notes. I'm still in the middle of listing all the coins and banknotes I have, but I have close to 50 countries.

I have also started collecting current British coins. In just Elizabeth dies soon and they change the mint, I thought It can't hurt to start now. If she does die and they don't change it, I can spend it on buying other coins I guess. Lol

So basically I don't have anything fancy yet, But hopefully in 50 years they might be worth something.


I'm glad I finally found somewhere on the internet I can get help and chat to people who also like collecting coins. :grin:

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Thanks for the welcome.


I guess I'm collecting coins and banknotes, for the same reasons I love collecting stamps, you can learn so much about the country it comes from.


So true...I've been into coin collecting for about 3 months and am really happy and proud of what I've accomplished in such little time.

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Welcome to the forum and to collecting. Hopefully you will have many years of fun and learning.

Thanks. I'm just curious, what part of Scotland are you from?


A very warm welcome to you! :art:


Why thank you sir. :art:

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