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Jason Islands Money


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The crazy part of some of those novelty currencies, like the Black Sheep notes from Wales is that they sell for a pittance for a long time, and then all of a sudden interests in them goes berserk and they become hot collectables. The Black Sheep notes I can remember buying in sets for like $5 for a set of them, now the individual notes go for $50 or more because they haven't been made in a long time - and with the devolution of the parliaments in Great Britain there suddenly emerged an interest in these earlier moves towards autonomy - like paper money.


The Jason Islands notes had a little bit of interests during the Falklands War, but really there seem to be enough of them to saturate the market - but who knows in another 15-20 years what will happen. I can recount that back during that time I wrote to the administrator there, but the lettre was returned as Unknown but was postmarked from Port Stanley.

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