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1921 Morgan Dollars


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There are a number of websites that will help you to learn grading. It is impossible to grade a coin from a picture. Best you can get an educated guess. What is it that you think is rare about 1921 Morgans?

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The 1921 Morgans (at least the P mints like you have) are not rare. If memory serves, older Morgans were actually melted down to make the '21 Morgans. 1921 Peace dollars are rare, however.


According to my reference book, your coin should be worth a minimum of $12, possibly up to $17 or so.

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One thing to check is the edges for infrequent ridges on the 1921 P's. Pretty easy to check if you have more then one by just holding them together and looking at the edges. You can also check them for matches here. Most don't add money, but they may if it is a top 100, hot 50, etc. I would not worry about looking at the ones what say "scribbling die scratches" though.

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Hi: Please buy a Red Book. There you can see, how each denomination is graded.




I have several of these 1921 Morgan Dollars which I understand are rare.

I would appreciate help in grading these coins.

All are in very good to excellent condition.

Many thanks in advance





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