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Shooting Medals of the World

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We are all well-acquainted with the Swiss Shooting Medal thread. I understand that shooting medals were also issued in neighboring countries and even Argentina! Well, I started this thread to see how many countries issued shooting medals. Please share your shooting medals from around the world! (Swiss welcome of course!)

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The medals from France & Germany in this post have guns, which seems quite apropriate on a shooting medal whereas many of the Swiss shooting medals seem to favour pretty ladies, especially ones wearing big hats. I have nothing against pretty ladies with big hats but should the medals not be called "Swiss Medals of Ladies Wearing Big Hats(which just happen to be shooting medals) & perhaps have a gun"? hiho, I think your latest is very nice though, perhaps she was the prize for the winner of the shooting contest, plus the barrel of wine on the reverse!


Just one more example of yours. Which I also love.


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Constanius, that was my first Swiss Schutzenfest medal and it is still one of my favorites.


I have both silver varieties (Holy Freres signed on the reverse center as shown, there is another where it is shifted to the left) plus the gold medal which I obtained from a Swiss seller through Rod Moore.


And you have given me an idea. Perhaps I'll create an NGC Registry set and call it "Swiss Medals of Ladies Wearing Big Hats".

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Here's a puzzle that i'm hoping will not prove too challenging for my exonumia colleagues :)




All I know is this is a rifle shooting competition medal (200 metres) and probably French. I have been told it is `rare'....but I am in no position knowledge wise to determine the accuracy or otherwise of that informnation. There is a `tete de sanglier' (boars head) assay mark on it which provides a date of anything from 1832 -1967. Any assistance welcome



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