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Group A - 2.4

Which do you prefer?  

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  1. 1. Which do you prefer?

    • Mat25 - 1562 England - Elizabeth I Milled Sixpence
    • ccg - c. 244-249 Roman Empire - Philip I Antoninianus
    • YeOldeCollector - c.1380 England - Richard II Noble (Calais mint)

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6d. It's the coin out of that group that I would choose if someone said, "Take whichever one you'd want".

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I agree with art. Oddly, I think gold is overrated in these contests (gold beat a few superior coins in this year's PCI). The design of the sixpence and the strike is fabulous.

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Ah but I've always thought that the design of the gold noble is fabulous. It has nothing to do with the gold content, I've always thought the design would look great in silver, it just looks so medieval. I suppose I have to confess that Tudor and Stuart hammered coins are amongst my least favourite hammereds out there because they look too 'modern'. Which of course means i'm even more disinterested in the milled varieties of Elizabeth I and Charles I.


You are right though there are instances in the past PCI, where gold has won out simply because it was gold, but I feel just as jaded with the people that always vote for copper coins simply because they're copper [at the expense of superior designs that just happen to be in other metals]. So you know :ninja:

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