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Well seems my 1899o VAM 11a error morgan dollar has more cracks in it then first thought , now that these cracks are known will that change the VAM or not?


the T to T die crack




the 4 star die crack





the DO die crack



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Nope, just considered a late die state. The two shown on Vamworld first older set of black and white pictures is an late die state like yours. The last set is an early die state. The bottom two shots is one of mine. Notice you can barely make out the die crack between the D and O in Dollar. In vams if something else happened like the die got polished, a die gouge appeared, a letter transfer die clash, or some other modification made to the die a new vam would be named. Like an 11a might become an 11b. Sometimes you will see references to eds and lds (early and late die state) to handle things which normally are progressions.

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