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  1. Joe you never know what $ you can get for EF-AU striking error when it comes to World Coins. hex all of 2009 Chile 20-$1.00 have Chile spelled wrong.
  2. Its been rolling around in a Dyer.post mint damage .
  3. I picked this up a few weeks back.it look to be Au and hand hammer & a very small coin to strike to!!
  4. With so many coin being copied/counterfeited It maybe one of them????
  5. Looked like extra metal on planchet
  6. Can anyone tell me more about this 1809 1 Skilling. I am about 95% sure this was hand hammered
  7. 1st Welcome!!! I agree but a better photo may change our minds.
  8. Look to cut wrong or maybe off centered ??? not sure don't do notes much maybe some know more?
  9. MD/ machine doubling and if were something different you clean/dipped a way and value
  10. Ck out this site www.ashmore.com/vamupdate it has all the photos and I find it easy than Vamlink
  11. With almost 75 Die Variety you may what to ck this link http://koinpro.tripod.com/
  12. Die crack! but that maybe a maker for a Die Variety?can you post the Obv???
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