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How to take pacs through a slab

numismatic nut

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So today, I get an E-mail that my '09-s lincoln is done at ANACS. (F-12 Brown...yum) Now, I need to know how to take pics of this lovely coin. I have a 12 Megapixil camera, with a macro zoom. So, what's your favorite way to take a photo of a slab?

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Use two lamps you may have to adjust angles to keep glare off. That works for me. You may also try to do a home made diffuser with some light weight white cloth or place some white paper around it to use as a reflector and keep down glare.


A couple in slabs just angling the lights.



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Crazily enough a high resolution ie 600 pixels on up scan might be better, but even as with photography you may have to adjust lighting to prevent glares. Depends on the colour of the coin, lighter ie silver and gold coins need either light set up around them or a darker background in the scanning situation. Darker coins need a contrast, ie a lighter colour in the background.


This is scanned:




Photographed with a lot of lights set up around it and the Nikon D camera on a mount:



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