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I'm just curious to see if there's somebody interested going there this weekend. Has anyone already attended this show ? What were your impressions ? :ninja:





Hi. I've attended a couple of times before. Nothing special, really. You can find some French and Canadian coins there but as to the world coins I'd say it is of a level of a US regional/local show.

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I've visited the Nuphilex show. I bought lot of items, but I especially like Alexander II 1868EM denga that I got for 18$. :ninja: I didn't find any on eBay for reasonable price. Many dealers were "rubbed" their russian coins in Toronto Show earlier ;) They've told me "some guys were just bying everything russian regardless the price without even trying to cut off a bit".


I've spent $130 CAD in total for this :





Also, I saw some russian gold coins. There was a 1903 gold ten roubles in high grade for 350$. Very reasonable. There was also 1898 5 roubles for 185$, 10 roubles 1899, 15 roubles 1897, chervonets... I didn't ask prices for the last ones. Oh, there was a Catherine I 1725 rouble for 600$.



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