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  1. Hello everybody ! please help me identify these coins. I am not an expert in antique coins but they look too good to be true . Or, am I wrong ? Best regards, Loyal Citizen #1
  2. Dwight, there is a nice book by Yury Petrunin - "Coins of Emperor Peter III. Monetary Iconography. Catalogue of Coins. Articles on Numismatics". Printed 300 copies in 2010 in Tallinn, Estonia. The catalog itself is pretty good but nothing exceptional (IMHO). The best part of the book is its historical articles. The worst part is that all of them are in Russian 🙂 Alex
  3. Now, I'd like to ask if there were any sales for similar pieces. maybe , I can get more details on it. Thanks.
  4. I have to agree with you. The problem is with the tag i got with the medal ..... :-)
  5. Thank you.... Looks like General Corona, but on the other side ...look at this picture: http://www.imagenes.circulocarlista.com/personalidades-carlistas/madrazo-andres
  6. It is a silver medal , diameter 35 mm, 1873. Dedicated to Lt. Colonel (?) Andres Madrazo. UNC condition, full luster. The tag said D-325 A (probably a catalog reference). That is all I know. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  7. Unfortunately, it is not there but I have found information about the 1930 sale. Thank you.
  8. Hello I hope someone here can assist me with this inquiry. I am looking for the auction catalogs: - Sl. Frankiewicz, 1930 - Gruntahal & Gans, 1947 In particular, I am interested in a few efimok's pictures. Thank you.
  9. Hello, can someone please assist on these : - when was the Stacks Zaleski Sale held ? - where can I find the online catalog ? Thanks !
  10. I've always had problems booking a right hotel in foreign cities. Either they were too far from my points of interests or too far from my standards :-) But this year, I feel like I won a lottery. When I visit Zurich, I always stay in one of the Zahringerstrasse small hotels. This year, the Sincona auction will be held literally 2 blocks away - in the Limmatquau 112 office ! Just perfect for me !
  11. Based on unconfirmed rumors, Russian section of the upcoming Sincona auction will host (besides another part of the famous collection) some rare and high grade russian coins And medals including an extremely rare gold coronation medal of Paul. Its size is 64.5 mm, weight 121.00 gr. I will post the pictures soon.
  12. Does anyone know exact dates of the Sincona 24 this October ?
  13. http://www.staraya-moneta.ru/forum/messages/forum7/topic19591/message167218/#message167281 Those who can read Russian will have some fun in spare time.
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