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  1. Yes, I remember getting into a racy discussion on Russian forum for starting a topic about French pattern strikes on Russian 2 kopecks of Alexander I. Even some Coin People members threw stones at me and WCO for that - I will attach the link later. Here is what I have left:
  2. I wonder if public ever sees them on sixbid.com.
  3. Hi, guys discussing lately auction results and auction houses' procedures with my friends I've decided to apply my "daily" skills and dig a little deeper. Everyone is familiar with the Sixbid platform. One of the auction houses advertized there (La Galerie Numismatique) conducts auctions at least 3-4 times a year BUT VERY RARELY PUBLISHES THE RESULTS. For example, there are 19 auctions for this auction house listed on Sixbid and only 6(!) have the results published. It is very easy to manipulate the unaware public then. I would place a big "?" on this kind of manipulation; and I am really surpised that there was no public "cry" on this issue. What do you think ?
  4. Not going this year. .... Cannot find a reason :-)
  5. Sigi, I understand that but the condition is poor enough to give my friend a hope to discover a new type :-)
  6. A friend tries to convince me that this coin has no mint mark. My opinion is different but I promised to place it here for a discussion. Thank you.
  7. There is a possibility ( and a very real one) that the newly cut dies have been used. Any surface alteration is an easy catch for NGC. I personally doubt they would let it through.
  8. USSR yearly sets are extremely overpriced in new Krause catalog. In reality this set costs around $100-$150. The whole set. Photos of the stamps and coins would help, btw.
  9. I don't think it is necessary. It is obviously not what the auction's catalog says.
  10. I don't think this is a problem unless other members think differently. This information has some value and is very useful (at least, until the official catalog is published).
  11. I received the request to post these three links and the download instructions via email from a forum member (to tell you the truth, i don't really see the difference in how i received the request).
  12. The request came from a person who works for Sincona. I don't think these photos can replace the real catalog but those who won't get the catalog will get an idea ...
  13. Have no clue but ,at least, some people can enjoy the coins...
  14. Here is what I got : http://gigapeta.com/dl/3267593ac9ed87 http://gigapeta.com/dl/3267792aa955f8 http://gigapeta.com/dl/3267814aee764a expected download time per each link is 1.5 hrs when you don't use the login below. Login: userid - sincona2013 password - 7778889991 this login is valid until April 19th. All three files can be downloaded concurrently (estimated download time - 10 minutes). If you experience any technical issues please contact Sincona directly (via their web site.... i guess that's it... best regards,
  15. there are 3 links and the instruction on how to use them. I've no clue why it is done this way but I guess they are trying to use every venue available. I will post their links soon...
  16. A strange one, I guess. i've received a request to place on this site links to the pictures of more than 1500 coins in the upcoming Sincona auction in October. Similar links have been displayed in the Russian-speaking numismatic forum (Staraya Moneta). Is anybody interested ? Is it OK if I place the links here ? Thanks. p.s. to clarify my relationship with Sincona...there is none, actually. Have no clue why I was contacted on this (or, maybe, I'm not alone ?)
  17. Known fakes. Baltic made. Have been known for, at least, 6-7 years.
  18. Thank you. Yes, I've found this information too - see my post #4. I also think it is a contemporary reproduction.
  19. http://babel.hathitrust.org/cgi/pt?id=nyp.33433066615208;view=1up;seq=157;q1=iesus;start=1;size=10;page=search;num=145#page/144/mode/1upGOT IT HERE:
  20. Hello. recently purchased medal. weight - 56.7 g., diameter 57 mm looks like and feels like gilded silver to me, however, it could be just gilded tin. Also, I think it is kind of religious medal but ... would appreciate any information on origin of this medal. Regards.
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