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  1. This year is very common eventhough in F, scarcer in XF-UNC condition. The 2 kopeks 1867 EM/SPB, 1868 SPB, 1869 SPB, 1870SPB, 1871 EM/SPB, 1876EM and 1892 SPB are much scarcer, some are almost impossible to find.
  2. Hi there, I have lots of russian coins for sale at bargain prices on my Delcampe.net store : http://coins.delcampe.net/page/list/cat,1116,id_member,00313468,language,E.html Mostly copper coins of 19th century. Take a look. Thank you !
  3. Do you think I shouldn't pay 300$ for it ? If it's a copy, has somebody already saw such a nice copy of this coin ?
  4. I don't have other pictures. I didn't get it yet.
  5. Yes, it's possible. The patina doesn't look natural to me... But there are decent details, I would grade it VF.
  6. Thank you ! I've suprizingly won this coin for 310$. I think it's a good deal for bitkin's "R" coin. I remember few years ago in russia the same condition coin was priced over 1000$. Somebody else ?
  7. I would like to know your opinion about the authenticity of the coin. Do you like the patina ?
  8. Various russian coins for sale : russia-coins.cjb.net
  9. Very intresting ! A while ago I saw 1911 3 kopeks overstrucked on 1910 on eBay with clear "0" pattern behind the "1". Unfortunately I didn't save the pics and I never saw anyting like it since... and until now.
  10. Check up my site : russia-coins.cjb.net I have lots of Russian coins for sale. I'll keep it up to date. Take a look !
  11. My Russian Coins for sale : russia-coins.cjb.net

  12. Come on to shop russian coins on my site : http://russia-coins.cjb.net !

  13. Also 2 birds and bird + star for Brussels, 1897 only.
  14. First time I see this kind of fake with right portrait type ! However the edge still as poor as on other chinese roubles. Looks like the edge was copied from a 1913 50 kopek with smaller lettering. Also you can see a obverse defect at 6 o'clock. With 6 hours left the bids are up to $102... Link Seller mur3ik guarantees the authenticity. "Questions and answers about this item Q: Weight and diameter of the coin please? A: 34 mm, 19.86 gram. Dec 13, 2010 Q: please confirm this is NOT a replica coin but a genuine original THanks John D A: Yes, authenticity guarantee
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