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Very nice scanner


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I've been looking for something like this for a while...





I needed a solution for those rarer auction catalogs and books that can't be pressed flat to scan without damaging them.

Also, books and catalogs with images & text that come very close to the inner borders are normally very difficult to scan without getting a curved image. This solves both problems by having a scan region with glass that comes right to the edge of the machine with virtually no border. As shown, its very easy to get a whole page.


Anyway, it arrived today and my first scan of a catalog went very well. I'm happy :ninja:

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It appears to be very useful. Was it expensive?


$249 at TigerDirect




I think they make more expensive versions too.


One limitation on the $250 version is the maximum size of the scan region...around 8.5"x11.7". 95% of catalogs & books will scan OK, but larger formats will need a couple of passes to get the images (if that's what you're after).


What I also like is that if the scanner sits on the edge of a table, one side of the catalog/book can hang down freely and you really don't have to open it up very much. No more pressing books down flat (or photographing pages). :ninja:

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