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Hi,everyone over here.It is nice to see all of you once again.Here is a piece of Australia 1947 KGVI florin coin with UNIQUE EYE ERROR(BIG EYE).Obviously,I can see the king eye is BIGGER with EYE BALL and EYE lip in it than a normal king eye in smaller size without eye ball and eye lip in it showing on obverse side.The part around his eye is still in perfect condition without any damages at all except other part.No matter how I look at it,the eye is still NOT THE SAME as the normal eye.I have seen and compared it with too many of the same coins on ebay and other website but their all in normal condition without this UNIQUE EYE error.Seems like the king just opened his eye and wanted to see his daughter,queen elizabeth II,his grandson prince charles new australia and so on.I believe this UNIQUE EYE is caused during the processing,correct me if Im wrong.Beside that,the cut reeding is just half done than a normal coin with full cut reeding around the security edge,there is a small quater moon above the "A" than a normal coin without a quarter moon above the "A" on reverse side.Honestly,I have never see anything like this before and I believe something like this is certainly very very rare and for sure,it must be a new discovery.Unfortunely,I still cannot confirm that this UNIQUE EYE is an error and also a new discovery,that is why I need help from the coin expert to certify this two errors.If this two errors like this are common or rare?An interesting errors to you?probably the only one and possible the most expensive silver coin ever discovered?Anyway,please check it out on the superlarge scans below(this error coin compare with a normal coin on a scan below)and let me know what you think of it,your opinion is needed too,your help is much apprieiciated from me as usual.I hope to get your respond as soon as possible.Thank you for reading this for so long and have a nice day. :ninja:;););):yes::rofl::rofl::rofl::lol::)













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Hi! :ninja: it appears to be acid pits and errosion that gouged out the eye, it becomes clearer if it is compared to the gouged out ear, the top part of the ear.


Still, those florins are very nice coins, I have a few in my collection, one of my favorites ;)

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