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A nice collectable silver tetradrachm (circa 165 BC) from the city of Kyme in Aeolis, modern day western Turkey. The obverse depicts the image of the Amazon warrior `Kyme' after whom the city was named. The reverse depicts a horse standing right with a one handled cup below. (I am unsure as to the significance of this). the name of the city appears in Greek lettering to the right of the horse and the name of the city magistrate `Mitrophanis' is named below the horse



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Another coin from Kyme. This one being a minute silver hemi obol minted circa 480-450bc time frame and in remarkably good condition.


Obverse Eagles head with KYM underneathe the beak in left field. Reverse quadripartite square.



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That's a little big for a hemi-obol but still rather small. Do you have any of the .1 g or smaller pieces?


my electronic scales are pretty poor for dealing with small weights. Need to upgrade :)


I've much smaller pieces, but not from Aeolis.

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