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Wow this went off at some outrageous price


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Here's the link:




In 1970, South Korea was forced to reduce the copper content in 5 and 10 won as copper prices started to raise (sounds similar to today's metal price).


Sure these two coins are about fourty years old and mintage in total for both varieties happened to be at around 157 million. So how did the final price got up to 1,100,000 won suprised and shocked me. For a rough idea of how much that is, it's around 880USD. (wow)


Keypoint - you might have a sleeper if you happened to have one of this year 10 won in UNC condition. Do check your drawers or your local coin dealer junk coin lot. :ninja:

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Hmmm...Maybe I should sell some of my miscellaneous coins on Ebay. Who knows, I might get lucky. :ninja:

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