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1970 Bahamas Proof Set


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Ok, I recently ordered a group of old proof sets and I really only wanted 2 of the 4 sets, so I am auctioning the other two over the next week. The second one is a 1970 Bahamas proof set which contains the silver $5, $2, $1, and 50-cent and nickel 25-cent, 15-cent, 10-cent, 5-cent and 1-cent. These coins have some really pretty ocean themed designs, with the interesting square 15-cent coin and the scalloped edge 1-cent coin. Here are the specifications for the 4 silver coins in the set:


$5 42.12g 0.925 fine silver (1.253 troy ounce)

$2 29.80g 0.925 fine silver (0.8862 troy ounce)

$1 18.14g 0.800 fine silver (0.4666 troy ounce)

50-cent 10.37g 0.800 fine silver (0.2667 troy ounce)

Total: 2.8725 troy ounces


The 9 coins included in the set are all proofs, but as can be seen in the photo, some of them have toned slightly over the years. The coins come with the original case, but I will ship the coins in separate plastic flips to protect them as they fit loosely in the holes of the case. I am starting the opening bid at $44, which is the current silver melt value (2.8725 ounces x $15.27 per ounce). The auction will end at 5:00 pm EDT next Saturday, June 13th. So just like they say of voting in Chicago, bid early and often!


Opening Bid: $44.00

Shipping: $5 to the US, international will be higher

Auction closes at 5:00 pm EDT as shown on the post time stamp in the forum on Saturday, 6/13/09. Post your bids as a response to this thread. Any questions, PM me or e-mail me at jtryka@yahoo.com




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The $5 coin is destined for my "One Coin/One Note" from every country set. Very nice set. Thanks.

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