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Any coinshops in KL Malaysia?


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Well my quick one night trip to KL is done an dusted and here is the feed back:


There is a coin museum in Maybank tower. There is also a small shop, not much choice at all, where you can pick up current commeratives and some publications on Malay coins.


After visiting the Maybank Museum I headed to Central Market. Sometimes there might be a stall selling coins or the antique shops might have something. This trip alas didn't yield anything. Though I managed to get a hand carved Chinese stone Seal chop with my name on it.


So a taxi it was to my next destination which was Imbi plaza. Now this is a supposed mecca for IT stuff and DVD copies but there is also a shop on the GL that sells stamps, notes and coins. There wasn't much in the coin department but I managed a few silver trade dollars and some Brooke Sarawak coins. The middle aged Chinese lady who was the owner was a bit of a character and it seemed like a place that the locals dropped in from time to time just for a chat. Oh yes I managed to spend over ~$600 on bank notes!


Now there is another coin/note shop in the next complex beside Imbi called Wang, however the heavens then chose to open up, I had a flight to catch that night and discretion was the better part of valour. Besides I was still trying to figure out how someone who collects coins ended up buying over $600 dollars of notes. Not to complain as some where amazing...however...


Anyhow that was my numismatic brief report on KL. If I ever head that way again I'll give you an update.

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