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A Medal for a Numismatist 1725.

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From Medailles et Jetons Des Numismates by Anthony Durand 1865:

1. NICOLAUS. KEDERUS. HOLMIENSIS. Buste à dr. Dessous : J. C. HEDLINGER. 1725.

R. PROFERT. ANTIQUA. IN. APRICUM. Saturne déterrant un vase rempli de médailles antiques. Ex. : S. D. G. (Soli Deo Gloria). * AE 43mm

Mazzuchelli, PI. 165, n° 3. Mechel, PI. 16, n° 1.



HOLMIENSIS = Stockholm.

PROFERT. ANTIQUA. IN. APRICUM. = to bring forth the ancients/antiquities into the light.

S.D.G. = Soli Deo Gloria = Sole Glory to God.

Saturn unearths a vase filled with ancient medals, amongst some ruins.

By Johann Karl(Carl) Hedlinger. Swiss medal & seal engraver who was much sought after across Europe for his skills.


Keder, Niklas, Numismatist, scholar. Born Stockholm Sweden March 20th 1659. Student Uppsala, travelled to Estonia, Russia, Denmark, Germany, Bohemia, Italy and others.

Organized a collection of old coins at Kungl Library and was appointed 1697 to the assessor in Antiquities archives.

1719 Knighted

1725 became secretary and antiquarian in the archive. This medal commemorates this event.

1727 elected member of the Science Society in Uppsala

Died Stockholm april 16th 1735

Labelled the most astute numismatist in Sweden

Wrote books on numismatics & antiquities



Here he wears a wig.



The god Saturn later morphs into Father Time with the addition of an hour glass. Here, on this medal he is depicted just with his scythe.

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A magnificent medal to which I can relate to more than others, it is not often that I see medals regarding numismatists. Many thanks for sharing this interesting piece.

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I stumbled upon this whilst looking for something else, cannot even remember buying it, must have been a few years back when I was having a lot of medical problems, I must have put it away and completely forgot about it. A slight improvement on the first example!
I think it is dated 1726.





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