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  1. $650 for a 1 Oz Set with Custom box, and $1000 for a 2 oz set as pictured with Custom Box. Thanks for looking Paypal Gift, M/O, Cashiers, or personal checks accepted but may need to clear. Satisfaction Guaranteed. 1991 Libertad Proof Mule $75
  2. You get the everything I received in it's originals shipping box, opened once to check its quality. Like all of them, it looks perfect to me. First day order on this UHR. $1800. USPS Priority Insured. Paypal Gift is OK , check/MO. Less than recent ebay sales. Also Washington, Adams, Jefferson & Madison - 24 K Gold. All in Original Boxes as sent from the mint. UNC Set $2600 shipped
  3. I put together a collection about 20 years ago. You can see it at this link to my site. http://cflcoins.com/thumbnails.php?album=22
  4. 1350-1364 France Lamb Of God ION REX, rare variation. The coinage of Philip IV of France (1268-1314, also known as "Philippe le Bel") marks the first mass diffusion of gold coinage in the Kingdom of France (before him, only his grandfather Saint Louis had minted a few gold coins, the "Ecu"). Philip however had to resort extensively to monetary devaluations and reevaluations in order to finance his royal budget as well as his war efforts. Philip IV has been nicknamed "Le Faux Monnayeur" ("The Counterfeiter"), and had to face numerous popular unrests due to his tampering of coin titles and
  5. Tough coins to find in any grade.
  6. A couple of rather hard to find pieces in this condition or above. The rupee is Lahore mint.
  7. Thanks, It fits in well to the collection. Sorry for the long departure. I will try to be more attentive to this forum. I have made numerous additions to my collections and now have a site that I am working on.
  8. Picked this up yesterday for my Lion collection:) This is the first time I have seen this one of MT. Anyone know anyhting about this minting
  9. Picked this up from Gotkin World Coins:) 1901-2001 Queen Victoria Centenary of her death using the portrait from the Penny Black, like my avitar.
  10. Exceptionally rare "RRR"Victoria Medal IT MEASURES 2 1/4" IN DIAMETER AND WEIGHS 94 GRAMS. SOLID SILVER MEDALLION BY W.WYON R.A. BHM# 1794 This is the patron's silver prize medal of the Royal Academy of Art. Some specimens have edge marking or numbers, however this one does not have any. The torso on the rev represents a man playing the pipes and is a Roman copy of the late first century B.C. of a Greek work of the late third century or early second century BC.
  11. I don't understand why you don't just tell us. The picture load takes forever, and the magnification is not worth the load time. Even on High speed cable! I guess AU58 and $1200, not that the grade makes any difference once the price is agreed on. A coin no matter what it's grade is only worth what is paid for it at that instant and under those conditions.
  12. But I don't have to dust them In actuality, Once I have them Photographed and on my site, I reference that first for Obverse, Reverse and information. They are by date in the albums so are easier to locate in a large collection. Certainly easier than looking through the cabinet,various boxes and sets. This is where I store my Photos, It's free and a beautiful gallery of other collectors medals. http://medals4trade.com/collections/index.php
  13. This is my storage. Sets I leave in their boxes. The Gold goes into the Safety Deposit box and the rest are displayed in my Curio Cabinet like this
  14. I agree with you on all points. this bust rates with anything Wyon or Pistrucci put in medal. On the other hand I have some in my collection, same time frame, that are grotesque in comparison.
  15. Edward VIII Jan 26th 1936 - Dec 10th 1936 Silver 36mm 25gms George VI and Elizabeth 1937-1952 Silver 36mm 25gms Elizabeth 25 year of reign 1952-1977 Silver 45mm 39gms Elizabeth 50 years of reign Gold
  16. Queen Victoria 1837-1901 Silver 46mm 44.8gms Victoria Golden Jubilee 1897 Silver 36mm 25.4gms Edward VII 1902-1911 Silver 36mm 25gms George V and Mary 1911 - 1936 Silver 39mm 30gms George and Mary 25 year reign Silver 36mm 25gms
  17. May be the most accurate though The sculptor was certainly no friend.
  18. Here is the link, I can not figure out the linking process yet. When I do , I will correct this problem. http://medals4trade.com/collections/thumbnails.php?album=556
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