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Error 2 Pound Coin - Brunel 2006


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Hi, I've got a 2 pound coin that is off center and I'm 90% certin that it's not a fake... I ll find out for sure very soon.


I am wondering if there are many of these coins that were produced off centre?


It is a 2006 coin that marks the anniversary of the Engineer 'Brunel'


On one side of the coin the words 'Two Pounds' are stamped about a millimeter lower and run into the silver piece of the coin and on the other site the inner ring of bubbles/dots run into the outer ring...


Is this a regular thing that happens with these coins?


I will get a photo up soon

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A lot of the bimetallic coins have issues such as these, although the majority are only slightly skew-whiff so it could be much scarcer if a major error.

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