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  1. And the winner is - "spain number1"; just because he was the first to mention our second religion - basketball! I know it is a football fever now, but for us, Lithuanians, there is nothing more important, uniting and national than basketball.. So, congratulations spain number1
  2. Yes, exporting old coins from Poland is illegal. However, coins can be sold to foreigners, but it is their problem how to export the coin(s) (which in any case will be an illegal action).
  3. wOW! Thanks!! What a surprise!! I'd also like to make someone as happy as I am right now, so please check this out: Lithuanian UNC coins set giveaway
  4. Thanks to BlackHawk who is giving away lots of coins to CP members. As one of the winners I'd like to make someone else happy too. So, I am giving away an uncirculated Lithuanian coins set to one of the members. Rules? Well, just say anything that comes into your mind when you think of Lithuania Winner will be announced in a week. Set includes: 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 50 centu, 1, 2 and 5 litas 2 and 5 litas are bimetallic!
  5. $1-$2 for a 1958 10 kopeks coin? U must be kidding? Or have I missed something..
  6. Hi, I suspect that one guy is trying to sell some stolen US gold and silver coins. Where/how do I find a list of stolen coins? More interesting (in my opinion) coins in the list include: $20 1890CC $1 1903 Louisiana Purchase 1895S Morgan Dollar and a few more. Anyone has heard of anything? Take care!
  7. Thanks! Banks do have presidential dollars and yes about 50% of all of the circulating quarters are state quarters, which is cool Chicago is really worth a visit. Would not say that's the greatest city in the world, but it does have some nice places, as for example Shedds aquarium!! Loved it..
  8. Haha Nope, this time it's Chicago, not sure how great it is yet, but will definitely check parking garages at the Millenium park. Thanks!
  9. Hi everyone, I'll stay in Chicago for a few days and would like to bring home as many as possible US state quarters and presidential dollars. Do you know any places where I could buy these at a good price? Thanks, Sarunas
  10. Most of the bonds were kept safely for many years in books, newspapers, magazines and etc, hidden somewhere in a box in the attic or under the floor, or elsewhere.. These were worth a bunch of money at those times and people tried to keep it safe. These are not like paper money or coins, they were not used everyday. People used (or were forced) to buy the bonds and tried to keep it for some time. However, the times and rulers changed in Russia often and with every new government new bonds were released, whilst the old ones lost their value. Now, the bonds once hid somewhere in the attic are o
  11. These were mainly used in the Ostland, now Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.
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