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1795 1/2 penny token.


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1795 1/2 Penny, Great Britain.


Middlesex, Williams'

DH 916 - Details - 29mm R


This is the sort of Conder that could easily be considered a medal if it weren't for the advertising right below the portcullis. I purchased it thinking it was the common DH 914 and as I put together its page for my site changed my mind to 915 before settling on 916. While 916 is considered rare it requires a good copy of Dalton and Hamer and some patience to see the difference in the number of pearls on the reverse crown and the placement of that crown.


This piece is a little large for a halfpenny, just the tiniest fraction under 29 mm but with a fairly thin planchet.


I bought because it was cheap and I was in the mood for a Conder... :ninja:

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