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Soccer Referee Nailed in Head With Coin During Match


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Soccer Referee Nailed in Head With Coin During Match


This is not the first time we've heard about soccer hooligans throwing things on

the pitch during a game: bottles, cans, light flares . . . you name it. I

suppose a coin isn't the worst thing that could be tossed, but from a distance

and thrown just right, apparently (when you see the picture) it can leave a mark.


Cardiff City manager Dave Jones insisted that the supporter who struck referee

Mike Dean with a coin ruined an otherwise pulsating South Wales derby. Jones

slammed as 'crazy' the actions of the Bluebirds fan, who cut open Dean's

forehead and left him with blood trickling down his face in the 42nd minute of

yesterday's clash against arch-rivals Swansea City.


The thrower was identified by stewards and fellow supporters soon after Dean was

struck. Police said one man had been arrested in connection with the incident,

but more were guilty of throwing 'missiles' on to the pitch.





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Roger Waters from Pink Floyd, while playing in a club full of drunks in northern England, got hit in the forehead with a pre-decimal british penny and it gashed him open.

I myself have thrown change at people in an effort to get them to shut up.

I wonder, how common is it for people to throw money at each other?

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I remember reading that British hooligans used to bring darts to games for target practice on referees... I have been refereeing tournament games this spring myself and so far have received no flying change, although I have had to ban a few fans to the parking lot for shouting obscenities. Stay posted. I will scan and upload pix of any coins that get thrown at me. :ninja:

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