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Jetons issued for the Crown Prosecutors at Le Chatelet, Paris

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There were quite a few series of jetons issued for various bodies based at Le Chatelet in Paris during the reigns of Louis XIV,XV, and XVI including the police, bailiffs, registrars, magistrates, and the crown prosecution service.


The following three jetons were issued for the crown prosecution, the law being under the authority of the crown at that time.


The reverse is common to all three, engraved by Lorthior and dated 1766. It depicts Aurora in her chariot pulling the sun behind her and bringing light into darkness.


The obverses are 1. Louis XV by Charles Norbert Roetier. 2. Louis XVI by Duvivier and 3. Louis XVI by Droz.





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After having been through the Châtelet-Les Halles métro station in Paris so many times, and not really knowing what the Châtelet was, it was on this site that I found out -- on your jetons, Ian! (you showed a few that pictured the original edifice on the Seine). This site is like a free subscription to a good numismatic periodical.

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Dark toned original and uncirculated example of the jeton struck for the Committee des Procureurs du Chatelet de Paris in 1664.


Anyone following the latest television remake of The Three Musketeers will have heard reference being made to the prison at Le Chatelet. This jeton shows what the entrance to it looked like in 1664.



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