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Is this the right price?

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Please evaluate: this is worth 140 GBP in VF and 200 GBP british XF. I'd say this is in the XF range but cannot be certain. Can anyone help me out in the evaluation of this?


For me this is a big piece - the biggest I've got so far, so it makes me nervous and a little excited :ninja: ... what fun!...








You don't get too many good shoppertunities on eBay so you gotta take your chances..




£175 roughly...

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Hi banivechi - yes I agree about the difference in grading i.e. that it will come out significantly higher however the prices in the British books are much higher not just because it's home ground for home coins but primarily because the grading is tougher. It's not much good getting an official or professional opinion of the grade in terms of an American grading company's sytem but then realising that the values are also lower for that 'grade' per se. In any case, this one's hard to come by and I think I got it for the right amount, I am well chuffed, as we say.. :ninja:

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