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The 2008 RCM 50 Cent Triangle Coin

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i want to ask your advice.


To raise money for cancer research, i have an idea to buy 25 to 30 new triangle milk coins and wait a year and then sell them on ebay as a donation auction and donate profit.


I feel that the prices will go up as it is first ever triangle coin made by RCM but on the other hand, I read on some places that people think coin is ugly.


Do you think this is a bad idea and if not, how much should I expect to pay if I buy 25 of these from a dealer?


I found a dealer who offered to give me a discount and who can sell me a big qty of these.


Price at RCM site is $49.95 each. Should I expect to pay 30 something each with the big order?


This is a pic and description of the coin:





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Is this some kind of scam? If people can buy them off from the mint website at the same price, why should they buy them off from you if you don't have any reputation? :ninja:


No, this is not a scam.


I will hold on to them for about a year and they would be sold out from the mint by that time.


Then, on ebay, they have special service for registered non profit organizations where auction is listed as non profit auction.


I have a feeling that this is a good idea to raise money but not sure what would be a fair price to pay for the coins to buy them now in a big qty.



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I don't think it's a very good idea to be honest.


Firstly, it is very unlikely that modern special issue coins like this will go up or even retain their value. If you have a Charlton Canadian Coin guide (of any year) flip through that section and you will see most of these have issue prices that are now a fair bit higher than the current trends. Secondly, most people shop on ebay to get a bargain. Most coins seem to go for 2/3-3/4 of the trend value. So I just can't see how there will be any profits to be made on a venture like this :ninja:

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