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Anyone want to guess what years these dengas are?


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When I look at these for awhile, I feel somewhat like the folks must have felt who discovered the Dead Sea scrolls ... :ninja: ... Let's go get the electron microscope, fellows, I'm sure there's a Peter I kopeck underneath the surface somewhere! ;)


Actually, I think the second coin does show evidence of the rider ... or some such thing ... gxseries, at what point do you consider a coin to be so worn that it is no longer collectible? ;)


Seriously, though, keep up the good work ... we can all learn from you! ;)

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What are the chances of a 1724 kopek struck at least 4 times!!! :ninja: I think I miscounted and there seems to be at least FIVE strikes of them!


Flash video to be up soon... ;)


Why 1724? The top coin's eagle side has readable lettering near the bottom of the edge, I think I see IE from Alezievich, that would not be consistent with the 1724 coin?

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Alex, don't forget that some of the 1724 kopeks were originally overstruck on the earlier Peter I kopeks so it just makes everything a lot more complicated. Not all of them were struck on fresh planchets.


Here is a short clip of the first three strikes that I spotted - there are a few more that goes around the coin. Creating this flash just gives me absurd amount of headache as I had to redo them all over again as I wasn't too sure where to start from.




I recommend you to pay special attention to the letter A of Kopek"a" as well as the location of the rectangle in the foreground (overstruck coin) and in the original 1724 coin. That way you will not get confused over why I placed it as it is. More to come... Good grief I started at 2am and now it's almost 5. Takes an absurd amount of patience to map it all out :ninja:

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