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Thai Baht Error

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I got this back from a friend in the US today after he submitted it to NGC for authentication for me:




Strictly speaking not really an error more of a mule or a die trial.

I have seen a few Euro cents struck with two of the same dies (which I have one of) but never a Thai Baht before.

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Nice, Huss. Where did you find it?




I bought it raw on eBay from a person in Thailand. I was sure it was genuine but sent it off to NGC for a second opinion.

I am pleased they agree it is genuine and I was also pleased it got such a high grade. It's a nice coin in hand.

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thats neat!


What are the odds of finding opposing errors for the same country and denomination? You'd probably stand a better chance of getting hit by lightning than having this happen. This is nice find. Thanks for sharing. :ninja:

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