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BankNoteBank Link Won't Work

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I have been trying to use the link to my BankNoteBank page and it won't seem to work. I get an invalid user ID error. Does anyone know what the problem is?




I copied the link straight from the page. Even when I click on it when I'm in "my collection" page (where I can add more notes) I get this error message.

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my user ID is not assepted either. :ninja:


I can file banknotes and I cansee them in 'My collection', but as soon as I enter ye olde, I get the Invalid ID info.


As I have added (Up to now) only banknotes from Kazakhstan, I cann see all my notes when searching for Kazakhstan notes, but my alias still does not word.


I have tried to contact some administrators - but I do not recieve a reply at all, at all.


ye olde (frustrated German dude)

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ye olde


what is between ye and olde.......underscore, space, special character?


nothing, just ye olde, i.e. space between ye and olde.


I have no problem whatsoever to come to my collection page via: http://www.banknotebank.com/user_home.aspx , but that is it. As soon as I click on my so-called collection link, shown on that page, I receive the error message.


Friends, who want to look at my banknotes, cannot see them - and I am at the moment very reluctant to enter more of my Kazakhstan collection - although the good stuff is still waiting to be shown.


Any help possible ?

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