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The Ambitious 7500 Cent and 1200 Nickel Search


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The first two boxes of cents were average to below on bronzes and wheats, but the third box! It was an old box that was prepared last July and sat around - it came out to half bronze, lots of 1960's, 1970's etc. But the best part was the 45 wheats that were there, dated from 1917-1958, the clip error Canadian cent, the French 2€urocent from 1999, and a couple of error Lincolns. Many of the bronzes were 1971-1973-D's all BU. It was as though a coin collector somewhere dumped an accumulation of cents in a coinstar and then they got processed rolled up and made my day many months later.


Nickels were average, no silver but I saved about a rolls worth of 1941-1959 and 1968-1970-S mints.

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