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my collection is now online on banknotebank


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finally i had some time and i have started posting my banknotes online

you can find them on http://www.banknotebank.com/user_view.aspx?id=miopos

for start, nazi soviet allies and japan occupation notes from several countryes durrin ww2.

this will be periodically updated.

today, soviet occupation in hungary and cehoslovakia , nazi occupation in bohemia und moravia, allied occuopation in austria

if you see any misgrade( my major problem) please anounce me to modify.

thank you.

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thanks. all off them until now are issued by a military authority not a state( red army for czechoslovakia and hungary, allied powers for austria, wehrmacht or nazi kommisariat etc)

you can notice that dont have country name , coat of arms, usual w/o signatures etc...

after i will finish with ocupationn notes and some notgelod and other form of paper money ( russia germany, poland italy etc) io will ad them periodicaly in alfabetilca order.

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