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Yet another Chinese fake – 1728 rouble

RW Julian

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are any of their auctions real?

The chances are very slight. Those who purchase any coin from a Chinese

seller on eBay have an excellent chance of getting a worthless fake in return.


The problem is actually worse than it seems, however. Many of these fakes are

getting into the hands of dishonest sellers in various countries, further placing

this material into the hands of unsuspecting or beginning collectors.



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It appears that the molds for the common 1729 rouble fake from China

were altered to prepare this new date.



Hello.I was recommended to read your reviews.Unfortunatly I bought a 1729 rouble on a popular auction site and [AFTERWARDS] checked out other sellers and russian coins.My first experience with russian coins and Chinese dealers.I found three other Chinese dealers selling or had sold the exact coin !!Also German.South african,GreekSpain and Northumberland phonies of the 19th and 18th centuries.I found these in about 1 hour.I hesitate to think how many there are.Well a good lesson>I related my discovery to the auction site and they were very appreciative.With that lesson and probably a return of my expendatures I will proceed with a new understanding and eyes a little wider open.I will continue to resd your reviews. All respect D.S. McQUilling
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