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Interesting Medallic Issues at Auction

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I was going through the Nobles Auction 86 catalogue and spotted this superb set of 57 French medals and given some of the superb medals and Jettons I have seen in this forum I thought I'd let people know.


the link to the item is http://www.noble.com.au/auctions/view_lot....p;img=y&kw=


I don't think they would mind me putting a copy of their Listing details in here

Lot 1268 FRANCE, Louis Philippe I, Medal Collection 1830-1838, bronze issues (11mm to 60mm), housed within four cardboard green velvet lined trays. Uncirculated. (57)

Estimate $3,000


Ex Irving Goodman Collection, Superior Stamp & Coin Company, June 2-4, 1996 (lot 3909). This complete set of bronze medals commemorates events of National importance to the Kingdom of France, which occurred during the first part of the reign of Louis Philippe I. Some of the medals relate to an attempted assassination of the king in which many citizens were killed. Other medals are in honour of the political victory for the new revised Constitution as part of the law. Other medals record visitation of the King and Queen of Belgium to Paris in 1833. The visit of the King to the various departments (states) of France, his review of the National Guard, the distribution of flags celebration in 1830 and the birth of infant prince. Also other medals honour famous contempories in this period, another record the re-establishment of the statue of Napoleon etc. The medallists who created the medals of this complete collection include Albert Desire Barre (1818-1878); Bauchery (Forrer p.135); Valentin Maurice Borrel (1804-1882); Louis Charles Bouvet (1802-1887); Armand Augustr Caque (1793-1881: Pierre Jean D'Angers David (1788-1856); Amedee Pierre Durand (1789-1873); Dusseaut (active in second quarter of 19th century); Raymond Gayrard (1777-1858); Lacosne (active in second quarter of 19th century); Michalti; Jean Pierre Montagny (1789-1862); Wladislaus Oleszcznski (active in second quarter 19th century); Joseph Arnold Pingret (1798-1862); Emile Rogat (1770-1850). Surely a most remarkable collection from the hand of the best French medallists of the first half of the 19th century.


A buyer's premium of 16.5% (GST included) will be added to the hammer price of any successful purchase. Please refer to the terms and conditions of sale for further details.

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Here is the link to the auction site and the category



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That is probably a low estimate but you never know - the other interesting ones were the russian medals or jettons at the bottom of the listing page.

57 medals averages out to about 200 each but the value of a complete set is probably higher.


I mainly put the link in for the picture of that Louis Phillipe medal - it's stunning

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