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Louis XIV


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Louis XIV.

69mm, bronze

Paris restrike, cornucopia hallmark and BRONZE on edge.

By J. Rottiers.




OBVERSE: Bust of Louis XIV facing right with the legend: LUDOVICUS MAGNUS. REX CHRISTIANISSIMUS (Louis the Great, Most Christian King) REVERSE: Mercury writing on a plaque about the glory of the King. At his feet is a large pot full of money and medals with the legend: RERVM. GESTARVM. FIDES. (Bearing Uncommon Faith). In exergue: ACADEMIA. REGIA. INSCRIPT. ET. NVMISM. INSTITVTA. MDCLXIII. (Royal Academy of Inscription and Numismatic Institute, 1663).


(Larger Image)

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Louis XIV, . Capture of Douai Medal

Bronze, 41.2mm.

Paris restrike edge Cornucopia BRONZE.

Obverse by by Jean Mauger. Reverse by Hercule Le Breton.




Obverse: Louis XIV right. LUDOVICUS XIIII REX CHRISTIANISSIMUS (most christian king). Below bust, J MAVGER F (by Jean Mauger).

Reverse: King directing earthwork construction. REX DUX ET MILES (king duke and soldier). In exergue: DUACUM CAPTUM / VI JULII MDCLXVII (Douai Captured, 6 July 1667).


(Larger Version)

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