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Can someone tell me what this is?


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Here is what I make out of it:

Kleingeldersatz Marke= Change replacement mark (30 Notgeld)


Schofllerscaeu eltorfer kammgarnspinnerei = Schofllerscheu of Eitorfer comb yarn spinning mill


Antiengesellschaft = anti-company

(may not be, probably isnt, perfect translation)

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Antiengesellschaft = anti-company

Not quite - an Aktiengesellschaft is a stock corporation. :ninja:


That piece is some kind of notgeld indeed - value 30 (pfennig, I guess). Kleingeldersatzmarke means small change replacement (ersatz ...) token. Schoellersche u. Eitorfer Kammgarnspinnerei Aktiengesellschaft - this was the name of that company between 1908 and 1925. More about the Schoeller Group is here:


http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Schoeller'...mmgarnspinnerei (from Wikipedia, in German)

http://www.schoeller-wool.com/english/geschichte.htm (company website, in English)



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