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Finally ready for banknotebank.com


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Ok, next week I am on vacation (much needed I must add!) and I decided to finally put up pictures of my notes on banknotebank.com. I just came from the bank and have a stack of like 500 notes (I won't put up all of them since a lot are just consecutive series notes), but I will at least put up one of each series. So before I begin, I have a question and would love any hints you longtime users might offer. The question is, can I upload photos directly on the site? And are there any limits on size or total amount of space to use? Thanks for the help, I will link it next week when it's eventually done!

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nice looking notes my friend! nice to see some old friends :ninja:


Now you will know what I don't have when something nice walks through your door!


I added one last one tonight, my only fractional. Of course I would have a lot more if I listed each one, I have 161 $1 notes if you count all the consecutives I have, plus another 42 unc consecutive deuces, but I figured that would get boring.


As for scanning, I've tried, and all I have for scanning is my office xerox machine, and needless to say it turned out badly, so I stick with my sad little photos! I'll probably add some descriptions later in the week.

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