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Collecting of Error Coins


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I've had a number of friends ask me what's so special about "Error" coins, and how to go about collecting them.



Collecting Error Coins can be tricky, because although there are a number of problems that can be considered an "error" on a coin, there are only a select few that are really worth a good amount of money.



The Types and descriptions of Errors is listed here for you:



Clipped Planchet - A clipped planchet is an incomplete coin, missing 10-25% of the metal. To give you a mental image, picture a Lincoln Penny shaped like a half-moon. That would be considered a "clipped planchet error."

Multiple Strike - A multiple strike is a coin with at least one additional image from being struck again off-center. So, picture a Lincoln Penny with his head on the bottom and his bust at the top with a gap in the middle. This would be considered a "multiple strike error."

Blank or Planchet - A blank or planchet is a blank piece of metal intended for coinage but not struck with dies. Basically, it's just a round piece of copper, nickel, etc. There is no image on it at all, although it was meant to have been struck as a coin, it never was for whatever reason. This is a "blank or planchet error."

Defective Die - A coin showing raised metal from a large die crack, or small rim break. Picture in your mind a Jefferson Nickel with a big blob of metal covering a portion of the design. This would be considered a "defective die error."

Off-Center - A coin that has been struck out of collar and incorrectly centered with part of the design missing. Basically, imagine a Washington Quarter where the bottom half is blank, and the upper half shows only the date and the bust of Washington. This would be considered an "off-center error."

Broadstrike - A coin that was struck outside the retaining collar. Picture a Jefferson Nickel with a super-thick, wide, warped rim. That would be evidence of a "broadstrike error."




As you'll find out, there are many, MANY different kinds of errors to be found. These are just a few to get you started on your way. So, check your pocket change! You never know what you might run across...



*** OOh! There's a quarter with a defective die error in my laundry money! (^_^) ***

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There is some good reference material within this forum in the following sub topic




I would disagree with your definition of a broadstrike - generally the broadstrikes are flattened and spread out at the rims. What you describe with the high and thickened raised lip on the coin is an off centre strike.


Just my opinion though

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This individual is using the coin forums as a joke. This same item has been plastered all over every possible forum on coins he can find. Must not have anything to do except irritate people with a real nothing post. It is well known this information is readily available in the rear of the Red Book and that is where this was probably copied from.

I suspect this individual is just a person that has nothing to do and wants people to think he knows something. Possibly a mental problem. People I know have seen this exact same reading everywhere and are getting tired of the childishness of that person.

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