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The number of posts here in CP have gone down dramatically. It is almost as though this forum is being let to die a slow miserable death. The site goes down for awhile yesterday, then it comes back up. And now I have some other IP board skins that cannot be changed. I post this in the AM and get no replies from admin. Oh well. :ninja:

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Gees are we stuck with these three skins without being able to see replies automatically instead of having to click on each one, one at a time?


This almost makes me not want to come here.



I have had the same problem in the last two days. I was catching up on some of the recent threads on the Russian Forum when all of a sudden the format changed and I was completely lost. ;)


I am positive that I did not initiate the change and had no idea what to do. I have to say that I was almost in despair. For someone like me, who is stuggling to sort out and assimilate all the information that you all provide, not being able to easily access that information and losing continuity and valuable time was totally demoralizing. ;)


Then today I found your thread and Akdrv's reply and am back in business. :ninja:



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